Lesbians Inc provides financial backing to lesbians and lesbian friendly groups through its community grants scheme. We support good ideas that:

  • meet the diverse needs of lesbian communities across Australia;
  • target discrimination against lesbians ;
  • improve the access of lesbians to programs, services, activities, etc;
  • increase the vocational training and/or employment opportunities of lesbians.

Since 2000, we have distributed over $170,000 in grants.

We are an inclusive organisation run by and for all individuals who identify as women and as lesbians.

Formerly known as the Lesbian Space Project, we have supported the creation of safe creative spaces for lesbians since 1986.

We have recently completed a community consultation and are planning the next steps for Lesbians Incorporated. Currently, we are not accepting applications in our Community Grants Scheme but keep an eye on this space, follow us on Facebook or contact us to join our email list.