About us

Our origins

Lesbians Incorporated represents continuous collective action by lesbians in Australia over many decades. Our struggle is for recognition, equality and space. Lesbians were well represented in the broad scale movements for social change in the 1970’s and 80s, including the women’s liberation, anti-nuclear, and gay rights movements.

Lesbian Inc was born out of the Lesbian Space Collective, which was formed in Sydney Australia in 1986. The title Lesbian Inc is used in recognition of the legacy of ongoing community activism by advocates for lesbians. Worldwide, many lesbians struggle for basic human rights experiencing discrimination and violence based on their sexuality. Lesbian Inc is part of the fight to change this.

The Lesbian Space Project

In 1993, a year-long fundraising campaign across Australia, the Lesbian Space Project, set a target of raising $250,000. The money raised during this campaign forms the basis of the funds that now provide community grants. With time, the emphasis has shifted from owning a single building in one city, to creating multiple spaces and places for lesbians across Australia through a grants program.

Maintaining our funds

A core activity of LInc is to preserve and maintain the ‘nest egg’ built up by fundraising activities over many years. LInc funds are held in a range of assets, and income generated from these mixed investments is used to grow the fund and provide community grants.

Respecting our diversity

LInc is an inclusive organisation that recognises and values the diversity of lesbians. Our list of funded grants is evidence of our support for a wide range of individuals, groups, projects and organisations.

LInc operates according to the principle of respect for human rights.

All members of LInc commit their time voluntarily to the organisation.

Our constitution (pdf)

Logo pack for grant recipients(2mb-zip right click and save as..)

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