Australian Lesbian Grandmothers Anthology – Round Two 2022 Grant Recipient

LInc Spotlight
LInc Recipient Spotlight – Australian Lesbian Grandmothers Anthology

Just a Gran Havin’ a Splendid Time: An Australian Lesbian Grandmothers Anthology, as the title suggests, is a book written by lesbian grandmothers about their experiences and feelings, sometimes joyous and at other times sad, about being lesbian grandmothers to the children of their biological children or their lesbian partners’ children.

The idea for an Australian Lesbian Grandmothers Anthology was inspired by the fact that of all the topics that have been written about by, for and about Lesbians in Australia there was not a book especially dedicated to the immense joys and the inevitable vagaries of being a Lesbian Grandmother.

This book, Just a Gran Havin’ a Splendid Time, covers a wide range of emotional responses and highlights the joy and life-changing experiences that inevitably occur for Lesbian Grandmothers from the time their first and subsequent grandchildren are born. 

We follow these lesbian grandmothers through the ups and downs of coming to terms with what it actually means to be a lesbian grandmother and note the changes in these unique relationships as the grandchildren get older. And finally, appreciate that the grandchildren have grown up to be responsible people and how much having a lesbian grandmother in their lives has broadened their understanding and knowledge of the world around them in a positive way.

Dyke Books applied for and received a grant from Lesbians Incorporated in round 2 of 2022 to help produce this important anthology. Jean Taylor, the author, has written and published books with Dyke Books Inc, including The Archives Trilogy, and has also co-written and co-edited several anthologies: the Women’s Circus book, Leaping Off the Edge, Spinifex Press 1997, and the Long Breast Press anthologies: Willing Up and Keeling Over (2007), Lesbians Write On (2013), On F
or Young and Old
(2017) and Walking to the Edge (2019). She says that taking responsibility for this book and bringing this Australian Lesbian Grandmothers’ Anthology to fruition on a subject dear to her heart has been an absolute pleasure. Order your copy today!