LInc Recipient Spotlight – SJ Matthews

Lesbians Incorporated provides financial backing to lesbians and lesbian-friendly groups in Australia.  This post aims to shine a light on our past grant recipients and  share their success stories.  All current grant applications are closed for 2019, recipients of round 2 grants will be announced in November. 

SJ Matthews received a LINC grant to continue their work that empowers healthcare for LGBTIQ+ women. SJ Matthews is a Masters of Public Health student who uses lived experience to inform current work projects and research. SJ will use the grant from Lesbians Inc. to support their current work and projects that aim to improve the health outcomes for lesbian, bisexual and queer women by increasing access to clinical spaces that embody emotional safety, bodily autonomy and empowerment.

Part of their project will showcase the community-led, trauma-informed practices at ACON’s CheckOUT clinic, and promoting good quality healthcare for queer, intersex, trans and gender diverse people.

Check OUT is a community-led sexual health and cervical screening clinic for LGBTIQ+ people. ACON also has developed a wonderful health and wellness resource for everyone is ACON Here for Health

LInc Recipient Spotlight – Acegirls

Lesbians Incorporated is committed to providing financial backing to lesbians and lesbian-friendly groups in Australia through our community grants scheme. All grant applications are closed for 2019. We will be announcing the recipients of out second round of grants in November. While the current submissions are being reviewed by our committee we will continue to share stories of our past grant recipients and their success stories.

Acegirls received a grant to provide tennis tournament scholarships for lesbians in Australia.

Acegirls is Melbourne’s lesbian tennis training club and has been operating continuously for 17, years since 2002. They offer tennis training workshops to Melbourne’s lesbian community, supporting a wide of age groups, from 18 to 70+. Acegirls also provide advice on fitness, tournaments, racquets, equipment, stringing and provide a monthly social dinner for past and present members. Acegirls have been successful in connecting lesbian players who need doubles partners, training partners, and new friends especially for those who are new to Melbourne and Australia. They have welcomed many new players from interstate and overseas, providing important social connections, and provide role models for health and fitness.

Through the Lesbians Incorporated grant received in 2019, ten scholarships were established and provided supportive pathways into tournaments at an appropriate level for each of the Acegirls players so that they can have a positive experience and gain confidence.

These tournaments will be on a variety of circuits such as :
• Tennis Australia tournaments
• Country Victoria tournaments
• International Tennis Federations tournaments
• GLTA (Gay and Lesbian Tennis Association) tournaments 

In August 2018 several Acegirls competed in the international Gay Games held in Paris. Every single player was successful in bringing home a medal from the tournament, which is testament to the quality of support Acegirls provide and the commitment of their players. For more information on how to become involved please check out the Acegirls webpage.

LInc Recipient Spotlight – NYWF

Lesbians Incorporated weekly spotlight focuses on successful past grant recipients, with an aim to inspire new submissions for grant applications. Do you have a community project, space or idea that supports lesbians, LGBTQI+ spaces and identity? Then apply for a LInc grant today!

Grant round two for 2019 is currently open for applications and we have extended the submissions deadline, applications will close on 5 September 2019 at midnight.  Apply here. 

The National Young Writers’ Festival (NYWF) is a non-profit organisation that runs a free, accessible arts festival for four days each year. An engaging and transformative bootcamp for writers under 35. The grant received from Lesbians Incorporated in round one of 2019  supports NYWF efforts by providing five travel bursaries to help artists attend and participate in the festival.

Artists forge regional and national connections, extending their own writing practice through events, networking and mentoring. NYWF 2018 saw over 4000 attendances across 95 events. 

NYWF is a lesbian-friendly organisation with a history of providing professional development to queer communities. A significant portion of artists and audiences identify as LGBTQI+, and NYWF frequently receive positive feedback from queer attendees and artists who describe the festival as a supportive and welcoming space. In 2018, for example, NYWF had an entire stream of programming of events and workshops dedicated to LGBTQI+ artists and topics, such as ‘Published from the Margins’ and ‘Rainbow Read Roundtable’. 

LInc Recipient Spotlight – Danielle Warby

One week left to apply for Lesbians Incorporated second round of grants in 2019 – applications close at midnight 1 September 2019. We are taking the time to put a spotlight on past grant recipients, to inspire and encourage you to apply for your own grant with LInc. In May of this year Danielle Warby was awarded a grant to support her masters research at Griffith University.

What is your idea, project or passion to create spaces for lesbian women and the LGBTQI+ community in your area of Australia?

Danielle Warby received a LInc grant to conduct oral history research focusing on lesbians in Australian sport. Women who have been influential with their contribution to sport even while their story is often unknown or ignored. 

Danielle’s research aims to explore and share the experience of lesbian women and the contribution they have made to Australian sport.  A role that has often been neglected or omitted in previous tellings of the history of sport in Australia. Despite the pervasive stereotype that there are a lot of lesbians in sport. 

If you are keen to know more sign up for Danielle’s weekly newsletter and get your weekly women in sport fix at

LInc Recipient Spotlight – Alison Bennett – SKIN

Lesbians Incorporated weekly spotlight focuses on successful past grant recipients, with an aim to inspire new submissions for grant applications. Do you have a community project, space or idea that supports lesbians, LGBTQI+ spaces and identity? Then apply for a LInc grant today!

Grant round two for 2019 is currently open for applications and will close on 1 September 2019. Apply here.

SKIN by Alison Bennett
Presented as part of the Melbourne Fringe this September

Alison Bennett is a neuroqueer new-media artist, her work has explored the performance and technology of gender identity and considered the convergence of biological and digital skin as virtual prosthesis. Alison received a grant from Lesbians Incorporated in round one of 2019 to develop her project ‘SKIN’ as part of the 2019 Melbourne Fringe Festival.

‘Skin’ is an artwork exploring the intersection of autism and queerness, it will comprise of a moving image artwork projected on Melbourne Trades Hall featuring high resolution images of tattoos. Through these marking on the surface of skin, the work will explore neuroqueer experience of entangled embodiment – the sense of one’s body merging with the environment. Projecting images of the surface of the skin onto a building is one expression of this entanglement.

This work highlights as aspect of the unique experience of a marginalised and poorly understood population. Neuroqueers are often excluded from queer spaces due to sensory sensitivities such as difficulty being in loud environments with flashing lights surrounded by too many people . This work will facilitate discussion towards a better understanding of autistic queer experience. 

Female experience is under-represented in mainstream discussion of autism. Women have historically been absent from autism research and are often diagnosed later in life. There is an emerging community of women who are realising they are on the autism spectrum.

The project is being undertaken by a queer autistic woman and a majority of the participants identify as queer women. SKIN will have regular free screenings at the Fringe Hub during the festival.

LInc Recipient Spotlight – Revolt She Said

Lesbians Incorporated weekly spotlight focuses on past successful grant recipients and aims to inspire new submissions for your own grant application for a community project that supports lesbians, LGBTQI+ spaces and identity. Grant round two for 2019 is currently open for applications and will close on 1 September 2019. Apply here.

Revolt She Said

Lesbians Incorporated Saturday Spotlight on grant recipient Louise Lever. The funds from LInc helped Louise finish her feature-length documentary film titled Revolt She Said. Specifically finding and funding  archival footage clips. The trailer for Revolt She Said can be seen here:


Why are women still considered the secondary gender? What happened for women to have fallen into inequality? In this decisive era of Trump, locker room talk and the roll back on women’s rights, is Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale coming true?

Revolt She Said examines what feminism means to us today.

What is actually happening across feminism in our current political climate across Australia and New Zealand? Diverse issues are probed deeply through interviews with leading experts. You’ll hear from the former Prime Minister of New Zealand Helen Clark, renowned British film theorist Laura Mulvey, academic Dr Pani Farvid, art historian Amelia Jones, broadcaster Alison Mau, Aboriginal leader Dr Jackie Huggins and many others. Revolt She Said explores issues such as the ‘second shift’, women’s civic rights, women and film, women artists and the queer community across a range of cultural perspectives.

Why was this film made?
Filmmaker Louise Lever tells us in her own words:

“I was inspired to make Revolt She Said because I hope to tell stories about those who don?t get a dominant voice in our society. I uncovered during my archival research that the protest photographs from the Herald Sun from the 1970s were so similar in nature to the protest photos I took myself in Melbourne about a month ago in Bourke St at a women?s rights rally. One of my central concerns was what?s really changed since then? I am a passionate supporter of feminism and have always wanted to make this film. I felt now was the right time. I feel like so many people are actively engaging with these politics today. I was inspired by the protests around the world that women have held. I am proud of my mothers and grandmother?s generations and the gains won by them, so that I can enjoy freedom and rights today.” – Louise Lever

The title of the film comes from the novel by Marguerite Duras ‘Destroy, She Said’ (1969). 

Louise Lever warmly welcomes you and your colleagues to the film premiere: 

Event: <>

Lesbians Incorporated Recipient Spotlight – Dyke Books


Our spotlight focuses on successful grant recipients and aims to inspire you to submit your own grant application for a community project that supports lesbians, LGBTQI+ spaces and identity. Grant round two for 2019 is currently open for applications and will close on 1 September 2019. Apply here.

Dyke Books Inc is a not-for-profit lesbian feminist community publishing group

Dyke Books Inc received a grant from Lesbians Incorporated in round one of 2019. The funds from this grant will support their plan to publish What Are Dykes Doing? Collected Non-Fiction by Jean Taylor by the end of 2019. This is a collection of Jean’s non-fiction writings that were included in most of the Australian Lesbian and Feminist periodicals from the 1970s and into the noughties.

Jean Taylor, a radical lesbian feminist writer and activist based in Melbourne, has had many of her lesbian and feminist articles, reviews, letters and essays published in lesbian and feminist periodicals in Victoria and nationally from the 1970s to 2004. The letters and essays will be collected and collated chronologically into a book of lesbian non-fiction writing covering many of the issues and events that happened during a particularly active period of the lesbian community.

The publishing of What Are Dykes Doing? will provide documentation of many of the issues and challenges as well as the inspirational gains that have been achieved over these past four decades of activism as far as lesbian rights are concerned.

The book will also demonstrate how hard lesbians fought against discrimination, how we acted to improve the civil rights of the lesbian community so that lesbians today can feel proud to be themselves.

More about Dyke Books Inc from their website:

Dyke Books Inc was established as a not-for-profit lesbian feminist community publishing group in January 2008 with the following aims and objectives:

  1. To promote lesbian culture.
  2. To provide opportunities for lesbian writers to self-publish their own writing.
  3. To encourage lesbian writers and lesbian writing.
  4. To work within a feminist framework of feminist principles and practice.
  5. To acknowledge the Wurundjeri people of the Woiwurrung language group of the Kulin Nation as the traditional custodians and owners of the land Dyke Books Inc is based on.

Lesbians Incorporated Recipient Spotlight – Womoon Tide

‘Womoon Tide Feminist Writers’ is a fun, encouraging, weekly creative group in Bega (NSW Far South Coast Yuin Country). A space for women to write about thier lives.  The group is for women of all ages; from rural, lesbian, queer, culturally and linguistically diverse and First Nations backgrounds and all women welcome to join.

The local Bega group of women who meet to write once a week in regional NSW is coordinated by Gabrielle Journey Jones, a poet and percussionist, wit the aim to support creative expression and establish friendship networks.

With the grant from Lesbians Incorporated Women Tide Feminist Writers supports lesbians and friends to write and share stories in a safe, creative community.  Through facilitated writing exercises, exploring healing our stories; identity; and most importantly being in the present moment – writing about what women see, hear and feel via poetry and journal work. Women have the option to share their writing or leave it in closed pages as a private work. 

Women Tide Feminist Writers are raising the visibility of lesbians and friends in the local community by choosing to meet at Old Bega Hospital. It is a community cultural centre and this is the first women’s writing group to meet there. Women Tide Feminist Writers are adding to the community arts scene in Bega and have been enthusiastically embraced by other local arts organisations including South East Arts.

LInc Grant Spotlight – Robina Roos


Lesbians Incorporated grant round two is now open for submissions!

Round two opened on Friday July 12th and will close September 1st, 2019.

To help inspire you to submit for funding for your project we are looking back on past grant recipients and the projects that Lesbians Incorporated grants have supported. Projects may aim to benefit the lesbian community in general or one or more groups within the lesbian community. More information about applying for our grants can be found on our website

Spotlight on The Robina Roos

Robina Roos host Pride Cup Queensland 27 July 2019

The Robina Roos Australian Football Club will host The Gold Coast Pride Cup Carnival on July 27 2019. It will be a vibrant celebration of LGBTIQ diversity and inclusion. The club’s two women’s teams will play teams from Surfers Paradise and Burleigh.

The match between the Roos and Demons will be on Saturday, July 27 at 10am, with the aim of combating homophobia in sport and establishing an inclusive environment for the LGBTIQ+ community in the sporting landscape.

In tune with the Pride Cup initiative, the game will be painted in rainbow colours as both teams do their part to promote diversity and inclusion for LGBTIQ+ people.

The grant from Lesbians Incorporated will go towards costs of hosting the event witch will include an LGBTIQ education session and a Pride Party. Find out more about the Robina Roos