Fruitbox Theatre – Round 2 2023 Grant Recipient

Back to Birdy
A Play by Z Bui

21 February – 1 March 2024

Developed through Fruit Box Theatre’s RIPE Development Program and presented in association with Sydney Mardi Gras and The Imperial Erskineville, with support from Lesbians Incorporated.

Back to Birdy is a play that is centralised around the experiences of being a lesbian in a community of lesbians. Fruit Box, prioritise telling stories within and about community. This play has at every stage of its life been informed by lesbians and aims to promote discussion within this community upon being staged.

Fruit Box Theatre wishes for this play to sit within community and not be separated by the colonial construct of a theatre space. As such, they are planning to produce this play within a queer bar – a safe place for queer people to gather.

Site specific theatre presents a unique challenge with the need to light an unconventional performance space and import technical equipment into a room that doesn’t usually house theatre. Funding from Lesbians Incorporated will assist in covering these unique lighting costs.