LInc Grant Recipients – Bits & Bods

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Lesbians Incorporated provides financial backing to lesbians and lesbian-friendly groups in Australia through our community grants scheme. All grant applications are closed for 2019. We will announce the dates for our 2020 grant rounds very soon – please stay tuned.

Bits and Bods - web series
Bits and Bods is a web series about sex, bodies and all the awkward bits in between!

Bits and Bods received a grant in round two of 2018, for funds to help code a website that would focus on girls, particularly those who identify as individuals in under served demographics. For example those who are same-sex attracted, as they live with significant stigma around their bodies and sexuality, this web series aims to make the estimated 100,000 same-sex attracted girls living in Australia aged 13-19 happier, healthier and safer.

You can find out more about this organisation through their website: Bits and Bods watch the wonderfully produced videos on their YouTube Channel and keep in touch with the lates news on their facebook page

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