LInc Recipient Spotlight – ACON’s LGBTQ Women’s projects 

LInc Spotlight

Healthy Communities, Healthy Futures: LGBTIQ Women’s Health Conference 2020 – with ACON’s LGBTQ women’s projects 

ACON Here for Women received a community grant from Lesbians Incorporated in round one of 2020. ACON Here for Women provide information on relevant health issues, and offers a range of specific and general services delivered by caring people who genuinely understand the health issues affecting women in LGBTIQ communities. The LGBTIQ Women’s Health Conference will focus on the health and well-being needs of all LGBTIQ women within Australian communities. The event will offers attendees a wide range of opportunities to discuss, engage with and explore these health needs as well as profile new and emerging research, innovative programs and services being delivered to address these needs in our communities. 

This year’s theme Healthy Communities, Healthy Futures aims to explore the broader health issues for our LGBTIQ women’s communities. Healthy Communities encompasses the diverse identities, experiences and health issues experienced by LGBTIQ women. Healthy Futures is about using and building on our existing resilience and skills – what do we need to do to move forward? Healthy Futures hopes to pose questions about what we need to do in the future and to showcase existing services, programs, and research that are already creating an environment for LGBTIQ women to thrive. 


The LGBTIQ Women’s Health Conference has been postponed due to COVID. ACON Here for Women is hoping to be able to run the conference later in 2020 as a face-to-face event – the chance for LGBTIQ women’s communities to come together like this in person is unparalleled. If the COVID restrictions aren’t likely to be lifted in that timeframe, we’ll explore other options including an online conference.

The LGBTIQ Women’s Health Conference will go ahead sometime before June 30, 2021.

Please check LGBTIQ WHC website & social media profiles (especially Facebook and Twitter) for further information.