LInc Recipient Spotlight – Revolt She Said

LInc Spotlight

Lesbians Incorporated weekly spotlight focuses on past successful grant recipients and aims to inspire new submissions for your own grant application for a community project that supports lesbians, LGBTQI+ spaces and identity. Grant round two for 2019 is currently open for applications and will close on 1 September 2019. Apply here.

Revolt She Said

Lesbians Incorporated Saturday Spotlight on grant recipient Louise Lever. The funds from LInc helped Louise finish her feature-length documentary film titled Revolt She Said. Specifically finding and funding  archival footage clips. The trailer for Revolt She Said can be seen here:


Why are women still considered the secondary gender? What happened for women to have fallen into inequality? In this decisive era of Trump, locker room talk and the roll back on women’s rights, is Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale coming true?

Revolt She Said examines what feminism means to us today.

What is actually happening across feminism in our current political climate across Australia and New Zealand? Diverse issues are probed deeply through interviews with leading experts. You’ll hear from the former Prime Minister of New Zealand Helen Clark, renowned British film theorist Laura Mulvey, academic Dr Pani Farvid, art historian Amelia Jones, broadcaster Alison Mau, Aboriginal leader Dr Jackie Huggins and many others. Revolt She Said explores issues such as the ‘second shift’, women’s civic rights, women and film, women artists and the queer community across a range of cultural perspectives.

Why was this film made?
Filmmaker Louise Lever tells us in her own words:

“I was inspired to make Revolt She Said because I hope to tell stories about those who don?t get a dominant voice in our society. I uncovered during my archival research that the protest photographs from the Herald Sun from the 1970s were so similar in nature to the protest photos I took myself in Melbourne about a month ago in Bourke St at a women?s rights rally. One of my central concerns was what?s really changed since then? I am a passionate supporter of feminism and have always wanted to make this film. I felt now was the right time. I feel like so many people are actively engaging with these politics today. I was inspired by the protests around the world that women have held. I am proud of my mothers and grandmother?s generations and the gains won by them, so that I can enjoy freedom and rights today.” – Louise Lever

The title of the film comes from the novel by Marguerite Duras ‘Destroy, She Said’ (1969). 

Louise Lever warmly welcomes you and your colleagues to the film premiere: 

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