LInc Recipient Spotlight – Soul Sister

Lesbians Incorporated a Community Grant Program

Lesbian Social Fun Club, established in 2011,  is a social group that was established to create an empowering space for the community to connect and create a supportive network. The grant awarded by Lesbians Incorporated in round one of 2020 will help cover the running cost for Soul Sister.

One of their workshops, Soul Sister is a monthly story-sharing workshop with a vision to create an inclusive safe space for the lesbian community. It is a welcoming environment for those who are newly out to find their support network. Soul Sister provides support to those who are out or not yet out to find empowerment through sharing stories with one another.

The social events which are important to foster connection, are open to everyone from any culture and background, also for those in rural areas.

Their aim is to build a circle of friends who accepts everyone as they are, to support the betterment of members mental health.  To date, the group is the largest lesbian group in the meetup with 4000+ members