LInc Recipient Spotlight – Talking Turkey

LInc Spotlight

Inner City Legal Centre (ICLC) of Sydney received a grant from Lesbians Incorporated in round two of 2019. They grant was awarded to update, redesign and reprint of their publication ‘Talking Turkey,’ a legal guide for lesbian parents and donors and the LGBTIQ community more generally. Talking Turkey is the only comprehensive publication providing a guide to the law around starting a family and parenting in NSW for LGBTIQ parents and donors. It is currently in its 4th edition and this project aims to develop and distribute the 5th edition.

Talking Turkey answers some of the most commonly asked questions about legal rights and responsibilities. This reprint is intended to benefit lesbian and LGBTIQ individuals, couples, and diverse families in NSW. It provides information on a range of questions that lesbian and LGBTIQ individuals and couples may consider when starting a family, including donor arrangements, surrogacy arrangements, and co-parenting arrangements between two, three or four people. The laws relating to many issues in lesbian and LGBTIQ parenting arrangements continue to evolve, with courts and legislators being called upon to respond as new issues develop. The last update of Talking Turkey was in October 2015. An important part of our project involves updating the content of Talking Turkey to ensure relevance and currency of legal information.

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