LInc Recipient Spotlight – Yarns

LInc Spotlight

In round two of 2019 Indigilez was successful in receiving a grant from Lesbians Incorporated.  They used these funds to increase the connection point and visibility of resources in their social campaign, Yarns Heal.

Yarns Heal is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and LGBTIQ+Sistergirl and Brotherboy Suicide Prevention Campaign. The goal of Yarns Heal is to share stories, strengthen connections and link peers to culturally safe support services.

Yarns Heal is about sharing stories and reaching out to loved ones and Community Cultural Connectors when times are tough. Yarns Heal will help individuals learn how to better support one another and aims to strengthen their peer support systems so they can access help in culturally safe ways that nurture cultural healing, love and hope.

The Yarns Heal Artwork
“Woven Together”
Artwork created by Riki Salam in collaboration with the Yarns Heal Community Working Group

Indigilez provides visibility and awareness of the issues impacting the well-being and health of women and LGBTIQ+ people and communities. Indigilez provides Cultural Safety and Peer to Peer Cultural Support to women experiencing the impacts of Racism, Discrimination and Isolation. Indigilez founded the Rainbow Dreaming Retreats to address the gaps in social connection, belonging, health and well being and cultural safety for LGBTIQ+ Women, More recently in 2019 IndigiLez developed and implemented the Yarns Heal LGBTIQ+ Suicide Prevention Campaign. IndigiLez provides social support to LGBTIQ+ Women and Families and enhances care pathways in a co design process with community to ensure cultural safety and wellness.

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