PRIDE PROTECT PEOPLE exhibition – Round 1 2023 Grant Recipient

LInc Spotlight
PRIDE PROTECT PEOPLE exhibition – LInc Recipient Spotlight



EXHIBITION consisting of COLLECTIVE “herstorical” works, including award wining (TROPICAL FRUITS & National OUTSIDER ART AWARDS, AFTM) QUEERSLANDER project, visual & performance series, QUEERSLAND BROADERFORCE. Mary Alexander’s VIRGINIA HUNTER & other costumed characterisations. “This Wall Isn’t Straight” tribute to STONEWALL.

New Work in production & works by TIWI SiSTARS.

We see ourselves as INSTALLATION artists first, hence the space, inside & out, is an ARTWORK, taking over the ground floor of FESTIVAL HOUSE, VALLEY (entertainment precinct). In addition to costume based installations & new video installations, including HONG KONG self-determination movement works, made with the collaboration of H.K. Lesbian activists.

The INSTALLATION, giving the project its name PRIDE PROTECT PEOPLE,  inspired by freedom movements in Myanmar who confront there oppressors with home made plastic shields branded with PEOPLE instead of riot POLICE.

WORKSHOPS are conducted in the last week of June (school holidays) for inclusive parent/youngster & all, workshops in Copper jewellery making (Sarah Murphy) & DRAGKING/CLOWN improvisation.

Providing meet the artists & INQUEERY debate style invigilation.

The project is led by consensus driven, proudly out Lesbian women including those who identify as transgender women. This project is specifically designed to be inclusive. All the participants & collaborators are lesbians or there friends. As artists & activists the program strives to progress the equality all women & have consciously included the most marginalised in our community. 

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