She Loves Her– Round Two 2022 Grant Recipient

LInc Spotlight
She Loves Her – LInc Recipient Spotlight

She Loves Her received a grant from Lesbians Incorporated in round 2, 2022. She Loves Her is an organisation that supports women who are discovering their same-sex attraction later in life. It’s the only program like it in Australia and is tailored for women 35 and over with a focus on regional and rural women.

10-week course that supports women who are discovering their same-sex desire later in life. It is a supportive group process where these women can come to terms with themselves and their desires in a safe and comfortable environment. It also allows them to build community and reduce isolation, while also receiving mental health support, sexual health information, and a better understanding of both themselves and the wider lesbian culture. It addresses both the structural and personal forces that result in later-in-life awareness of queerness, and it creates a pathway forward to loving and dating women and becoming part of the queer community.