The Kings of Joy Drag King Workshop – Round Two 2022 Grant Recipient

LInc Spotlight
The Kings of Joy Drag King Workshop – LInc Recipient Spotlight

The Kings of Joy recieved a greant from Lesbians Inc to support their Drag King Workshop project. The Drag King Workshop will be a series of 1 day workshops filled with various workshops presented by industry professionals. These workshops will include: Drag King makeup, costume construction, social media presence, setting yourself up to win and how to do the admin side of performing as a Drag Kings, plus Drag King Mastery with Sexy Galexy.

The first workshop is scheduled to coinside with Sydney World Pride / Mardi Gras and will feature legendary New Zealand Drag King Hugo, Girl on March 4, 2023. 11-2pm at the Kings of Joy Palace in Stanmore (Working Kind Collective and Impact Studios).

This workshop will be the first of its kind in Sydney and will be a trial as we hope to make this workshop a regular offering for our community. This workshop has been asked for repeatedly by members of the drag king community. There is a demand for up-skilling and community development as spaces like this are rarely offered for drag kings.

Kings of Joy also run 6 week courses throughout the year that will have you performing on stage in a group of kings! Follow them on Instagram to find out more.