Cultural Aboriginal Cruise for Older Lesbians – Round One 2022 Grant Recipient

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Cultural Aboriginal Cruise for Older Lesbians

Ten Forty Matrix will book a Cultural Tour of Sydney Harbour in September, with Tribal Warrior an Aboriginal organisation. The cruise will be aboard the Mari Nawi (big canoe). The plan is for a minimum of 40 participants. This can easily be increased if we get more interest as the Mari Nawi can hold up to 150. Participants will learn the traditional culture, history, and stories of Sydney Harbour. They will hear stories of the Gadigal, Guringai, Wangal, Cammeraigal, and Wallumedegal people of Sydney harbour and learn the Aboriginal names and meaning of the significant Sydney landmarks, before stepping ashore on Be-lang-le-wool (Clark Island). They will learn about pre-colonisation life, indigenous coastal lifestyle, traditional fishing methods and food gathering techniques. Tea and coffee are provided

The picnic will provide a low-cost social event to foster friendships and an opportunity to share contacts, as well as review our experience. All our events obtain feedback from participants and suggestions for future activities. We use this feedback for future planning.

Older lesbians are a marginalised group within the LGBTIQ community. Regional older lesbians will be encouraged to attend and offered support to do so. Our ZOOM events have had participants from interstate even as far as Perth. We recently established a specific regular ZOOM event, amusingly called, The Country Lesbians Association. These events facilitate social interaction between city and regional older lesbians.