Daddy Developed a Pill – Round One 2022 Grant Recipient

LInc Spotlight
LInc Recipient Spotlight: Our recipients for round one 2022 represent a diverse group of the LGBTIQ+ community in Australia. These recipients demonstrate how the LGBTIQ+ Community grows and flourishes with visibility and support.

Daddy Developed a Pill a trans lesbian farce 

The Australian Premiere of the play Daddy Developed a Pill a trans lesbian farce at Kings Cross Theatre in 2022. 

Daddy Developed a pill is a surrealist lesbian trans farce programmed for Kings Cross Theatre’s 2022 mainstage season. Set over one chaotic night of deviance and debauchery. A line-up of sixteen psychotic characters portrayed by only three actors means fast wit with even faster quick changes against a backdrop of an upper-middle-class identity crisis with mortal stakes. It is the Australian classic Don’s Party meets the vibrant drug-addled queerness of Euphoria, with a swift injection of an Apple keynote. The playwright of this project Daddy Developed a Pill is Cassie Hamilton, a lesbian transgender woman. This piece of theatre is a pivotal step in acknowledging the erasure and discrimination against trans lesbian women. 

The goal of programming a lesbian farce written by a transgender lesbian woman is to debunk the prejudice and erasure against lesbian transgender women within Australia. Daddy Developed a Pill is a riot of a laugh that will allow not only heterosexual people to understand the experiences of lesbian trans women but to encourage conservative cis-gendered lesbians to appreciate and recognise the legitimacy of transgender lesbian women. This will be a pivotal step in bridging the gaps within the cisgender, heteronormative and LGBT+ communities in regard to lesbian transgender representation. The show will run through June 18th 2022.