Female Gaze – Round One 2022 Grant Recipient 

LInc Spotlight
Female Gaze

Female Gaze is a violet-hue space created for connection. 

Lamenting the loss of space for women loving women, Female Gaze has been conceptualised through many conversations with women yearning for a queer space that is not male-dominated. Space for people of marginalised genders including women, non-binary folks and trans men is desired locally, nationally and internationally.

Combining live performance, storytelling, multimedia and sound, Female Gaze is a part creative celebration and part social gathering. Leaning on my extensive connections within the creative industries. Engaging a selection of queer women and non-binary folks to present work throughout a night supported by social injections to allow for conversation and connection. The event will end with a dance party – providing space for patrons to get down and dirty to queer anthems.

Female Gaze is a chance to test the waters and gauge Sydney’s response to events like this. Should it be successful, the hope is to develop it into a regular event so that women loving women can gather in a space that celebrates female agency, creativity, sexuality and power.

Please note that Female Gaze is an inclusive event. The focus is on providing space for women and non-binary folks, this explicitly includes trans women as trans women are women. Recognising that identity can be fluid, community consultation will be sought to ensure inclusivity and safe space are prioritised. 

Establishing Queer spaces is critical for a healthy community – providing refuge for authentic existence, the opportunity for positive representation and energetic exchange and invigoration. With support from the grant given by Lesbians Incorporated, an opportunity is provided to make new creative environments for celebration and dialogue.