LInc Grant Recipients _ Jacqui North

LInc Spotlight

Jacqui North, and creative collaborator Candy Royalle, received a LInc Grant in June 2018. The grant was awarded shortly before Candy Royalle passed away, after a long fight with Ovarian cancer.  Jacqui continued the work on LOVE & REVOLUTION; ’Together – radical love is possible, You are loved here. There is love here. There is healing here.’

Love & Revolution will be screened before the documentary
A Night at Switch n’Playa short film that premieres as part of
Queer Screen – Mardi Gras Film Festival.

Get your tickets now for the Love & Revolution; a pure love, a tribute to Candy Royalle (RIP) butch queen, high priestess of poetry created by Sara Saleh Arab-Australian and people of colour, queer and non-binary artists and activists on Gadigal land. 

It is a rallying cry, to live not wait, to love not hate. Fierce poetry with visuals from frontline reporters spark our imaginations. ‘We are growing new worlds and new worlds are growing us.’

Made with love labour by director/producer Jacqui North and the amazing talents of video/stills photographer Jamie James and Emma Paine @emmapainedp, Scott Turner, editors Maria Rita Barbagallo and Ludwig El Haddad, activist/journalist Rachel Evans, guide Stella Topaz, with a much appreciated grant from Lesbians Incorporated and support from Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE)

Poets Sara M. Sal, Emma Rose, Melanie Ree, Lorin Elizabeth, Gabrielle Jones honour our sisterhood, our art and our elders. While Hind Khoudary, a young journalist sent her films from occupied Gaza, Palestine and Björn Stewart gifted footage of Candy. In Newtown on Gadigal land, #MsSaffaa created a mural for Candy, based on a portrait by Nicola Bailey. And Candy Royalle’s brother George Malouf aka Tonalist created the haunting and hopeful music for the video. 

Film also screens at Riverside Theatres, Parramatta on Sunday 22 March.

Photo credit: Jacqui North

While Newtown no longer hosts Candy’s mural, it can be visited at Candy’s much-loved The Red Rattler Theatre.