LInc Recipient Spotlight – The Valley Inc

LInc Spotlight

The Valley Incorporated is run by a committee it is a formally incorporated not for profit association of women. The priority for The Valley Inc is to maintain the land, particularly the roads and bridges which allow access. 

The Valley Incorporated has suffered significant loss from the bush fires in early 2020 which has resulted in the loss of several dwellings, communal buildings and communal equipment. The fires were followed by heavy rainfalls of up to 750 mm which has caused considerable erosion making the access road impassable. 

The Valley women received a grant from Lesbians Incorporated to help support a series of workshops as part of the recovery process. The first to be held in July (COVID restrictions dependent) and will be an event to aimed at helping women to come to terms with stress and loss after the recent bush fires and flooding disaster.  The event is intended to help reduce stress, which supports learning and growth, both by the benefits of working on an environmental project and by the act of working and meeting together as a Lesbian community to help counteract the shock of recent local fire and flood disasters. –

The event provides an opportunity for experiential learning and peer-to-peer learning in a supportive setting – observation and training in erosion control techniques, soil types, and selection of suitable plants using ‘buddy system’ to break down isolation and create a positive and compassionate way to support each other and promote learning. 

Holding the learning in the natural environment and in a casual setting enhances opportunities for members of the Lesbian community to expand their horizons and try things that may not usually be familiar with.