LInc Recipient Spotlight – WOODWORK for WOMEN:

LInc Spotlight

WOODWORK for WOMEN: Cutting a new path for beginners is a project that received funding from Lesbians Incorporated in grant round two of 2019. The project is intended to:- – focus on learning woodworking skills whilst building a project from start completion – develops confidence, social connection, and opportunity for the development of further learning and possibly future income. – provides a safe space for lesbians to explore their creativity by completion of a project of significance.

The project is supported a facilitated by PFLAG Tasmania and will focus on bringing lesbians, many of whom feel isolated living in rural a community, to celebrate and learn new skills together. The program would also be available to women who are lesbian supportive and who want to learn woodworking and maintenance skills. This project is intended to create an opportunity for lesbians and all women in the region to share time together in community whilst enjoying a new activity. The organisation supports diversity and inclusion, and as a result provides a welcoming and friendly experience based on mutual respect. PFLAG values the diversity of lesbian culture and has many older lesbians as member.