Pride Morris – Round 2 2023 Grant Recipient

LInc Spotlight
LInc Recipient Spotlight – Pride Morris

Pride Morris is a new mixed-gender folk-dancing club with a focus on celebrating the joys of Queer identity through traditional English Morris dancing. We are run by LGBTQIA+ people and welcome to all!

They received a grant from Lesbians Incorporated in round two of 2023 to organise and reach new members. If you would like to get involved or see their next performance, please follow their page on instagram

Morris dancing is a style of traditional English folk dance. The dance form involves lively choreographed routines performed with waving handkerchiefs and clashing sticks. It’s a performance/spectacle dance rather than a social dance, often danced in groups of six. Morris costumes often involve hats adorned with flowers, and the wearing of bells. ‘The Morris’ is always performed to live music, and Morris teams include dancers as well as musicians playing folk instruments including the fiddle, accordion, trumpet, etc. 

‘The Morris’ is best danced in-the-street, in the middle of a roaring crowd, with live musical accompaniment and jangling bells. When a dancer capers high off the ground and the crowd yells “higher” – an electric atmosphere is created, a bond between the audience and the dancers.