Social Lesbians in Melbourne – Round One 2022 Grant Recipients

LInc Spotlight
LInc Recipient Spotlight: Our recipients for round one 2022 represent a diverse group of the LGBTIQ+ community in Australia. These recipients demonstrate how the LGBTIQ+ Community grows and flourishes with visibility and support.

Social Lesbians in Melbourne

This is a group for women with the mission of social networking within the LGBTIQ community in Melbourne.  The group focuses on improving the connectedness of the lesbian community in Melbourne through social activities.  All LGBTIQ women and their women allies are welcome to all events.

Social Lesbians in Melbourne aim to improve the access of lesbians to programs, services, activities and opportunities available to the general community by communicating and bringing along information to the activities for discussion, sharing and networking.

Social Lesbians in Melbourne (SLIM) is an ongoing social meet-up site and new members are continually joining.  It is a platform used to run small events with one or two major ones throughout the year.