The Celebrity Dog Show – Round 2 2023 Grant Recipient

LInc Spotlight
LInc Recipient Spotlight – The Celebrity Dog Show

The Celebrity Dog Show is a 6 x 22 minute TV Studio Shows for both free-to-air and online broadcasts. This will be a polished studio production hosted by Mitch Clark, ex- manager of The Pet Shop Boys. Theme show music provided by the Pet Shop Boys; ‘I Want a Dog’. Our first celebrity features singer Belinda Carlisle after her upcoming performance at Melbourne’s Crown Casino. Using an all lesbian crew, produced at the C31 Community TV Studios in South Melbourne.

Each episode will have 4 parts. First will be the celebrity interview, Part 2 Meet the Dog then send the doggie off to the groomers or to a pet fashionista, Part 3 Expert (a Vet or Dog Trainer giving insight to the breed) Part 4 Prizes for best audience doggie photos/ videos, Plus reveal of dog’s new hair do and or outfit; seen strutting their stuff on the runway!

Angie Dowling and Sarah Walker have collaborated on many TV shows. They met working in TV studios in London and have since made numerous TV series including runway fashion shows, chat shows, game shows, cooking shows, corporate shows and an award winning web series. Sarah Walker directed 160 episodes of ABC hit series ‘Tonightly With Tom Ballard’.

Their project support’s LInc’s mission of supporting lesbians and friends in Australia in two ways; firstly by supporting an all lesbian team in producing a high quality TV Production and secondly by entertaining a lesbian-and-friends audience with some of their favourite celebrities and giving the audience the opportunity to have their dog featured on TV. Fostering the lesbian community by providing lesbian visibility.