The Priestess of Morphine – Round Two 2022 Grant Recipient

LInc Spotlight
LInc Recipient Spotlight

‘The Priestess of Morphine’ will be produced by Tenth Muse Initiative. Tenth Muse Initiative creates and presents art music events in Boorloo (Perth) promoting the work of diverse and underrepresented musicians. The grant received from Lesbians Incorporated will go to funding the production that will take place 31 Jan – Feb 4th 2023 at The Blue Room Theatre (Northbridge WA) Western Australia’s home of independent theatre.

This project will be the creative development and performance of the Australian premiere of ‘The Priestess of Morphine’ –a short opera written by non-binary composer Rosśa Crean and trans-non-binary librettist Aiden K. Feltkamp. ‘Priestess’ explores the duality of a woman whose existence was seen as dangerous resistance to a political regime.

Produced by Hannah Lee Tungate and directed by Rachel Doulton, the opera is about marginalisation, oppression, and sexuality. The score is written for Vibraphone, Violin & Cello – an exciting yet unusual combination. The opera will star singers Jessica Taylor and Ava Charleson alongside Perth-based musicians from Ad Lib Collective. The grant from Lesbians Incorporated will help us pay for a videographer to document the creative process and performance.