Today a reader – Round 1 2023 Grant Recipient

LInc Spotlight
Today a reader … Tomorrow a Leader – LInc Recipient Spotlight

Today a reader….tomorrow a leader. – Storybook Library to Reflect Diverse Families for SSPA

The SSPA received a LInc grant to establish a “Lending Library” of children’s books that reflect many diverse family structures that are found in our community. The books will be suitable for young children and will be available to all member services. The books will be chosen by trained early childhood teachers for their relevance, content and reflection of the values of inclusiveness and acceptance for all family structures in our community.

Literacy is the foundation of better futures. It is the first step for children to build contexts and understand the world. Literacy opportunities can improve the lives and possibilities of all Australians. Not just any literacy program, but one that puts families and their unique makeup first and foremost. The Sutherland Shire Preschool Alliance (SSPA) takes pride in playing a crucial part in preserving cultures and forming values that embrace diversity and acceptance for everyone in the community.

The lending library would be available for all member preschools of the Sutherland Shire Preschool Alliance. The member preschools are all not for profit and community based. Both educators and parents would be able to borrow the books to read to their children through a central service who will administer the library on behalf of the Alliance.

The participating families reflect different ages, cultures, ethnicity, gender identity,  gender roles and disabilities. The Alliance proudly supports all families and this is reflected in their values and strategic plan for the Sutherland Shire Preschool Alliance.

The books chosen for our lending library reflect many different ways families are structured and that they are all special. The books will reflect the community in which the children of the Sutherland Shire grow up in and will promote acceptance and inclusive values to the many children and adults that will enjoy reading them.